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Words turn to fury
The outburst is near
Pain in the heart, I shall bury
There will be no more tears

Pick your side, go ahead
I will stand my ground
For my weakness is nearly dead
Inner strength I have found

Take your best shot, I dare you
I promise, I will still stand
No matter what you may do
Remember our past, my friend

We were all close together
Our world began to grow
The past couldn't last forever
You really want to let it go?

Then let go, just leave
I won't stand in the way
However, you better believe
The truth in my words I say

I am stronger than the past
Harm will not sink into me
Go, let your words be cast
My inner strength is already free
I wrote this one about two months ago. It means no matter what may happen to me, i will always stand tall. I am stronger and will remain so. Even if i do lose some friendships along the way.
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February 15, 2010
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