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The fly laughs at the earthworm
"You'll never cross the mountain without wings!"
With a buzz the fly disappears in the sky,
The mountain is too high for the worm to climb,
He slips and stumbles back to the ground,
"I can't climb it!"
Water falls from above as the sky weeps
Drowning everything from the sky to the ground,
"The fly is right, I'm nothing without wings!"
The worm buries himself in the dirt in shame,
Within the soft ground, the worm moves with freedom,
Digs deeper and deeper across the ground,
He halts as a golden rock blocks his path,
Back to the surface he sticks his head up,
Blue sky greets him with the mountain now behind him,
Golden rocks scattered upon the ground for miles,
The worm stares in delight at this surprising sight,
"I have no wings, but I made it through," he says,
"Forget the fly! It's he who is limited!"
I wrote this last year in my Creative Writing class (just now getting around to posting it after I found it lol). We were given a bunch of nouns (worm, fly, gold, mountain, etc.) and make symbolism out of the ones we picked. So I thought of how children's stories go, and how they teach a lesson of some sorts. And this little story popped into my head. It doesn't matter what you lack, it's what you already have that will get you through any obstacle that lies ahead of you.

Enjoy ^_^
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April 20, 2014


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